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About about.

ABOUT the writer: Yay! High-Five! Great! is the high-tech virtual repository for the thoughts, feelings, and Oxford commas of Allison Shoemaker. That is me. That is I. That is the writer of this bio.


Allison is a pop culture critic (The AV Club, Consequence of Sound, Comic Book Resources, Time Out, and so on) who used to direct and act and sing and stuff. She likes this more for many reasons, not least of which is that she can do it in pajama pants sans brassiere. She’s working on a book about how musicals can ruin your life if you simultaneously have feelings while listening to them.

ABOUT the site: Allison runs the thing, but she’s not the only contributor. YH5G is open to anyone who really loves something and wants to passionately defend it, or to dole out some tough love. Want to contribute? Send an email to yayhighfivegreat at gmail dot com.

YH5G is also home to Podlander Drunkcast: an Outlander Podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Stitcher, and other such lovely places. Other podcasts coming soon, all of which will include drinking, because branding matters, people.

ABOUT the content: TV, movies, pop music and why it’s awesome (that’s the Keep Calm… series), books, probably some stuff about D&D and bras and stuff like that. Very occasional political stuff. Frequent feminist stuff. Bits of food porn. Lots of Disney. Photography from time to time. That’s about it. Got an idea? Let us know.

ABOUT the comments: please comment! Share! Sound-off! Just don’t be a dick, ever. It will not end well.

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