Podlander Drunkcast, Ep. 17: Dudelander, Pt. 2!

Neal and Julie are married. Kevin and Allison are blood enemies. Janine is Janine. Welcome to Dudelander, part two.


But seriously, guys, Kevin and Allison aren’t a couple. Allison : Kevin :: Claire : Pamplemousse.

We’re so excited about this, the very, very drunk half of the Drunkcast. We’re also excited about our Wizard World show, which we hope is gonna work—as anyone who was there can attest (hi, guys!) we had a few technical snags. But above everything else, we’re excited about what next week brings:


SEASON ONE. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, are we stoked.

Starting Tuesday, September 13, we’ll be releasing one ‘cast a week. Some episodes get the two-‘cast treatment (what’s up, Wentworth), and we have a few surprises tucked in here or there as well. So if you’re interested in a season one re-watch (or if you have a friend who hasn’t watched yet and you’re looking for a final incentive to get them to start), this would be a great time to climb aboard.

Re-watch with us! It’ll be new-to-the-show friendly, since we’ll be adding a spoiler section at the end. Also we cannot WAIT to make up a nickname for Geillis.

Enjoy. See you next week.