Podlander Drunkcast, Ep. 15: Take That, Emmys!

We were just going to do a season wrap-up, you know? A nice lil’ wrap-up with our pal Beth Lach where we talked about season two — its ups, its downs, its lack of boning — before we dive into season one. And then the Emmys, as the saying goes, shit the bed.


So, here’s our inaugural Drunkcast awards, in which we name the categories, choose our nominees in those categories, and then roll a die to see who wins, because they’re all so good that it can actually just be chosen randomly. It was fun! We hope it’s fun for you, too.

We’ll be back next week with Podlander Drunkcast: the Dudelander edition, in which we talk to some gents about their thoughts on season two. Then we’re giving ourselves a couple of weeks off and we’ll jump right back in with season one.

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Pamplemousse forever.