Podlander Drunkcast, Ep. 14 – Finale, Part 2!

And we’re back before you could even miss us, which is not something Claire and Jamie will be able to say. WAH WAH.


This is part two of our finale episode extravaganza, in which we talk about Brianna (AKA “Bree,” AKA “Obviously British”), Roger, Claire’s hot ’60s looks, comfortable pajamas, and, of course, The Sun Also Rising On Dick Rocks.

But as good as that stuff is, not one bit of it is as awesome as the reappearance of Our Lady of the Murdered Husbands and Red Tights. Lotte! We missed you so!

Coming next week: our season wrap-up! Coming after that: talking to dudes about Outlander! And after that: season one! Phew. It’s tired in here. But not as tired as Claire is of Brianna’s bullshit.